[Bài 2] IELTS Speaking Model Answer High Score 8.0+


Hôm nay VietIrish xin chia sẻ với các bạn video số 2 trong bộ IELTS Speaking Model Answer High Score 8.0+ của tác giả IELTS.EZ. Chúc mọi người học tốt.

– What is your full name?

My full name is IELTS EZ

– Can I see your ID?

Here you are

– Where are you from?

I’m from Vietnam, it is a south-eastern asian country

– Do you work or study?

I’ve just graduated from university and now actively looking for job

– Do you think your English is good?

Haha, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m confident that it’s easy to understand/. I know that it’s not perfect yet. And I’m working really hard on it

– What will you do after studying this language?

Well English is a key to so many possibilities. I’m looking for employment opportunities with foreign companies which have higher standard and of course higher pay

– Do you like weekends?

Absolutely. I think everybody loves weekends not just me. It’s the only time that I am released from study and work

– What do you do usually at weekends?

Well on Friday nights I often go to the Old Quarter in Hanoi to get some good beer with my friends. And I usually spend the last two days of the week to sit back and enjoy life to the fullest. in a small café, reading news or out there somewhere doing physical excercise

– Do you plan your weekends?

Not really, I must admit that I am not an organised person

– Do you like trees?

I love plants and vegetables in general. They are healthy and simply an essential part of every one’s life. I don’t think we can survive without them

– Have you ever planted a tree?

No I haven’t done anything like that although I’m a big fan of trees. I want to plant a huge tree but of course there is no room for that in the middle of Hanoi

Describe a documentary or a movie that you enjoyed and would like to watch again. Please say

– What movie is it?

– Why did you like it so much?

– Would you recommend it to others?

Around 5 years ago when I was still in secondary school, I came across a documentary on TV that was so good and to be honest, It had a huge impact on me and make me want to learn more about human history. The name of the program was “History of the world” and it was produced by BBC. And as the name suggests, it described, in chronological order, the sets of events that happened on our planet from the beginning of time until now. The sets of events are given names such as Prehistoric, Medieval, Modern and so on so forth. It just amazed me that there were so many things happened in the past that helped shape the world as we know it today. The program illustrated how the existence of human has altered the face of this planet. From wars that destroys everything to scientific breakthroughs that help protect human kind and other species. The program went on to explore other alternative possibilities. It asked questions like what would happen if human had not existed on this planet? What would have been the dominant species of the planet instead of humans? Would it be dogs? Cats? Or huge animals like elephants and whales? All in all, the documentary is such an excellent program that I would always recommend to everyone to watch and gain deeper understand of the human kind

– Do you think featuring famous artists is important for a movie’s success?

I wouldn’t think so. The strategy has some undeniable effects yes, for example it can definitely gain popularity at the beginning, because you know, the actors are well-known. But if the content of the movie is bad then, I wouldn’t think it could become a success eventhough it has famous stars in it. There have been so many examples of movies that have actors with oscar awards but still fail terribly due to bad storytelling

– Do you think people in different stages of life will choose different types of movies? Why?

Wow it is a really hard question…. Uhm…I think it is a natural behaviour to do so. I mean, at different age people have different ways to look at life, young people might be more optimistic and energetic so they love action movies, but more mature people tend to watch more informative or movies that are not the fantasy type

– Do you think that older people like to watch movies of their generation more than modern ones?

It is all down to everyone’s personal preference really.My father loves watching old movies but my grandfather loves modern action movies instead. But from what I can see, the vast majority of people would want something that are similar to them to some degree. This is especially true with older people since they tend to hate new things.