[Bài 8] IELTS Speaking Model Answer High Score 8.0+


Hôm nay VietIrish xin chia sẻ với các bạn video số 8 trong bộ IELTS Speaking Model Answer High Score 8.0+ của tác giả IELTS.EZ. Chúc mọi người học tốt.

-Could you tell me your full name please?

My name is IELTS EZ. But you can call me EZ for short.

-Do you work or study?

I graduated 2 years ago and now I am working as an accountant for my uncle’s company.

-What kind of things make you laugh?

I would say that they would be things that are illogical and absurd or sometimes plain stupid or just childish I suppose.

-Do you like to make people laugh?

Yeah certainly, i love making people giggle sometimes. It helps with the atmosphere you know, it makes the conversation more relaxed and less dull for sure.

-Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour?

I think it is crucial to have a good and appropriate sense of humour. As I’ve just said, it makes the conversation become more lively. And also scientists say that a humourous person is more attractive to the opposite gender. So yes I would say it is quite important to have a good sense of humour.

-Which do you prefer reading, newspapers or magazines?

I would say magazines are better simply because they are much more eye-catching compared to newspapers and the thing about magazines is that they contain specialised articles about a subject. Of course I like following news as well but newspapers are just boring and I would go online to read news instead.

-Do you think reading a magazine or a newspaper can help you learn a language?

Well definitely, that is basically how I improved my English. I still remember when I was younger I subscribed to an online magazine about science and technology which was totally in English and I have learned so many useful vocabularies and natural expressions from there.

-Why do you think some people prefer newspapers to magazines?

It’s all down to their personal preference really. But I would say people who like newspapers prefer reading general news as opposed to specialised articles in magazines and they don’t really care that much about how colourful or glossy the paper should be.

Describe a gift for others that took you long time to choose

-What is was

-Who you gave it to

-How you choose it

And explain why you spend long time choosing it

I have had many opportunities to buy gifts before, and to be honest I am really easy and often buy things in a flash. I never have any consideration or proper thought when buying things. But there was this one occasion that was very very difficult for me to choose a gift. It was a gift for my best friend’s birthday 2 years ago now and I still remember clearly  the details as if it just happened yesterday. At first I planned to go to the bookstore and buy him a very special book about the rules of life and how to live a meaningful life because that’s what I hope he could achieve in the future. But the moment before I entered the bookstore I noticed a joke shop right next to the bookstore and it was so eye-catching with many novelties and other cool stuff. So I just decided to give it a go and see if there’s anything interesting. After browsing through many hilarious toys, I came across a hello kitty bikini suit and a funny thought suddenly flashed across my mind. Yes, I thought about giving him a bikini suit for his 18 birthday as a twisted joke instead of a meaningful book that I first planned. I was torn between the book and the suit and I remember spending 30 minutes carefully thinking about which one I should buy. I thought of buying both of course but then I realised I could only afford one thing. After a while, I decided to purchase the bikini suit because I thought this is the only chance that I could give him a bikini suit as his 18th birthday gift. I could always buy him the book at a later time so, I gave it a shot. Later on at the party, when he opened the box that I gave him, we all burst out laughing and we were all really happy about the idea of giving him the bikini suit. So that is the best memory that I have ever had with my best friend and I think I could never ever forget about it.

-How do you usually choose gift for people?

It depends on the occasion, if it is birthday gift for example, I would always buy the ones that they both need and like. For example I know that my friend likes reading and I think the book about life was necessary for him. So that’s the reason why I chose the book for him at the beginning. But, say, if it is romantic gift then I would choose them differently, I would choose things that are cute and easy to carry around.

-Do you think it is better to choose a useful gift?

Not all the time, the gift could have many meanings, it could just be stupid and silly just as my best friend’s gift I told you just now and still be very meaningful. In other occasions gifts are mostly decorative like a cotton bear or flowers. So I think it is not necessary to give people gifts that are useful.

-How to choose a gift for people who already have a lot of things

If a person really has that many things and no gift could be meaningful to him anymore then I may not want to give him physical presents but rather I could do something meaningful for that person instead for example I could take him out for a drink and pay for it or do things similar to that. Or at least I could always give him a bikini suit.

-Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like?

Yeah, plenty of times. My dad once gave me a pen that he thought would be useful for me. But I was not a hard-working student at that time and I was hoping for a laptop instead so I can play games. So I hated the pen and threw it in the bin the day after. To be honest I feel very guilty now once I’ve grown up.